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It has finally been released! I’ve been secretly working on this project since my return of school this year, of September ’16. I am so excited to have finally publicize my very own website! Check it out, I have my very own domain! Yes, yes, I have officially registered And it’s mine to own (◡‿◡✿) [hopefully for forever]

I went for a sweet minimalist theme. It’s pretty basic, but yet so elegantly simple. It is still in beta, since I’m still in the process of tweaking some errors here & there. But other than that, I think it looks decent, yas?

I made this blog to express my thoughts, ideas, emotions, theories, and everything else. This will – hopefully – include rants, music reviews, and/or any other genres of interest that are worth writing about. This is my own little world. I have made countless blog before, but I was never satisfied. Ever. I wanted to structure everything from its appearance, domain, font – basically the entirety of it to match my creative outlook. And I think I’ve finally have.

If you found your way here, then please stay and keep coming back because I am determined to write and utilize this website till Crocs quits making their ugly-ass signature shoes. This shit won’t be cancelled, I promise. ❤️

By blogging, I hope it will improve my creative writing and help foster my self-reflection. I’ve kept real-life journals throughout the entirety of my life, but I find there is a significant difference from expressing myself through a keyboard as opposed to the beloved pen and paper method.

I’m typing this up at my local Starbucks, but I have to use the washroom and when I do, I usually pack up all of my stuffs and proceed to leave lolz “trust no b!tch”

Thank you for taking the 5 minutes of your life by reading my first post!

Till next time,







Britney is waving goodbye (most likely the paparazzi) from her balcony lol
C u next Tuesday xxxx

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