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I am the worst. The absolute worst in blogging and being consistent. I can’t believe (am I really surprised though?) that I’ve left my blog in a state of absence. It’s only due to my intense focus on my academics, and you know, life just gets in way a.k.a. I wasn’t motived to write :-/

I am officially upstarting this blog once again. Writing has been of my passions ever since I used to write about my 7th grade crush in a binded Pokemon book. (This crush was my teacher, lol).

Life updates:

  • I’m blogging again : )
  • Learning French is incredibly hard
  • My total Lana Del Rey song count is now at 296
  • I gained weight and I’ve yet to adjust living with this new gut
  • I visited my 4th US state last weekend

And that’s all.

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