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My Trip to Detroit

Saturday/March/10/2017 – Sunday/March/11/2017

Had the chance to visit Detroit, MI and I have to say, I’ve fallen in love with the city by my first visit. The city’s quite beautiful aside from what you’ve heard. When people think of Detroit, they assume it’s broken down, ghetto… that’s not true. The downtown scene is quite live, with a 4+ or so level casino, an outdoor transit system that operates around the city, cool lighted tunnels that connect between each buildings, and sooooooooooooo much more.

HOWEVER, yes there are the dangerous parts of Detroit. And I had the brave chance in exploring them. Let me just say it’s nothing I’ve ever seen in my life. The houses within these neighbourhood are all boarded up, vandalized with explicit words, damages everywhere… it felt like a ghost town. It was quite a scary experience because when I think about it, I was so vulnerable to be threatened.

But from all of this taken into consideration, it shouldn’t prevent you from visiting! Detroit is one of my top favourite cities – and I’ve been to a lot of cities that don’t quite match on par with this tremendous city!

Here are a few photos from my time there:

Windsor ON, from Detroit MI
Downtown area. Very well L I T (chessy pun intended)
Detroit MI, from Windsor ON
Exploring the ghettos throughout the city. This used to be a home…
Red Wings fan haha : – )

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